When joining our workforce, you join a group of professional and committed individuals, and we expect you to share our enthusiasm for our work, and for our company. If you have experience and/or education within the entrepreneurial industry, you can send us an inquiry about current career opportunities.
Examples of occupational groups required in our company are: construction workers, welders, handymen, crane operators and such.

Work permits
Part of our workforce is comprised of foreign employees. Below, some practical information has been gathered for the convenience of those foreigners seeking to join our workforce.
All foreign employees must have valid work permit. The permit is approved for 1 year at a time. When the permit is 11 months old, the employee and the employer must apply for renewal. If the employee does not apply before renewal in time, the permit can be withdrawn permanently.
More information on work permits can be found here:

For those joining our team, the following employee benefits will be offered:
– residence in the Faroe Islands, the cost of which will be deducted from the salary  each Week.
– the expenses of 2 return tickets per year to the home country.
– coverage by normal Faroese workplace insurance.
– employment according to national Faroese collective bargaining agreements.

We want to stress the importance of safety when working for us. If you join our workforce, it will be expected of you to:
– always follow the safety procedures we have set out for each individual task, when applicable.
– always show care and diligence for any task you carry out.
– be aware of your surroundings and respect the safety of your fellow employees and other people on the site. Show care for machinery, installations, equipment and the environment. Also show care for your own personal safety and wellbeing.
– always wear the working clothes prescribed. Always wear safety shoes. When helmet is required, wear as prescribed. This is also valid for all other personal protection equipment, such as safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, etc.
– keep the worksite neat and tidy.

Moreover, if you see or hear any nonconformities, it is expected that you report immediately to the foreman.

Alcohol and drug policy
During working hours, it is strictly forbidden to be under the influence of any substances such as alcohol or recreation drugs. Violation of this rule may lead to grave danger to yourself or to those around you, and the consequence of such a violation are therefore immediate termination of employment.