A very welcome prospects employees to J&K Petersen Contractors Website.

J&K Petersen Contractors is a Contracting and Construction Enterprise, situated in the Faroe Islands; an archipelago in the midst of the North Atlantic Ocean—between Iceland and the Shetland Islands.

The Faroe Islands are a self-governing overseas administrative division of the kingdom of Denmark, and many industries, such as the entrepreneurial, flourish, and are under constant development and improvement.

Our projects span from normal construction works; from office- and residential buildings, to stands for the national soccer stadium, as well as infrastructure works including roads, tunnels, quays, and airport/terminal works.

We have many projects ongoing and need more skilled and unskilled workers. Feel free to write us an application.

Financial Base
J&K Petersen is today a well-consolidated company. In recent years the company has made major investments in new materials and property. It’s large fleet of modern machinery ensures a high level of efficiency in construction. The number of orders has long been at a stable level and the future for the company looks promising.